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Currently scoring

Precious Mettle - IMDb

A riveting story and a beautifully directed film with spellbinding performances by Paul Sorvino and Fionna Dourif. Misha is very excited to be working on this project.
Alone after losing his family in a car accident, a retiring police commander (Sorvino) attempts to help a daughter (Dourif) he never knew escape heroin addiction and a past that endangers her, while investigating his best friend's murder.

precious mettle

Magic Christmas

Misha's Christmas-themed projects continue to stream in. Could it be because he was born the day after Christmas…?
After scoring such projects as The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus, Santa Baby 1 and Santa Baby 2, he now composes the score for a charming film about a family that grows apart but finds its way back to harmony while on an adventure to discover an old family secret…

Tekken Poster


Projects just completed

Feature Films

Tekken 2 - Kazuya's Revenge - Trailer

One of the most popular video games of all time (if not the most popular) finds its way to another action packed feature film sequel. Misha completed the edgy score for Tekken 2 which is now in the can and will soon be released.

Tekken Poster

Clinger - Trailer

FUN, FUN, FUN! A highly entertaining and original horror story by first time, very gifted director and story teller Michael Steves. Superb performances by actor Vincent Martella (the one responsible for breathing life into the animated character, Phineas, in the hit Disney Channel television show, Phineas and Ferb) and newcommer Jennifer Laporte.

The score is completed and Clinger is now in the final stages of post production.




Misha just finished scoring Truth and Lies (IMDb) for the Lifetime Channel. This tense thriller about a mysterious cyber-stalker who harasses an entire school is targeted for distribution in Canada and in Europe.

Upcoming projects

Project Abaddon - Watch the trailer!

Misha is the chosen composer to score this spectacular space saga show - ala Star Gate

New management

For film work Misha is now managed by Keith Anderson - IMDb

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