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Misha to score KICKBACK



Misha is excited to roll up his sleeves on this project. It’s the story of a renegade Moscow detective who defies government pressure to investigate the mysterious assassination of a maverick reporter, who covered the Chechen war.


To Moscow


Misha was invited to perform his music in Russia with one magnificent artist, Soprano Evgenia Laguna (remember the wild opera singer at the end of the movie THE FIFTH ELEMENT?) Laguna and Misha will perform in December of this year with a full symphony orchestra. Misha is thrilled to visit for the first time the birthplace of his father and to perform his music there!


Platypus – THE MUSICAL!


A movie short from 2 years ago is now going into a full stage production musical. The very talented Kimberly Much will produce and act in this charming tale, which is a modern twist on the classic Cinderella story. Misha will write the music and Harriet Schock will provide the lyrics.

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